Tiffany Christian is the Editor of “Add Your Light”.

Tiffany has a passion for advocating in favor of underrepresented populations.  One of the ways she does that is by sharing her insight of the challenges, decisions, and solutions she’s grown to learn about herself and how they relate to the community around her. Despite her cycles of experienced poverty and homelessness, as a single mother Tiffany refuses to give up.  Her words she lives by, “Make today better than yesterday.  It’s about progress, not perfection.”

Randle Loeb was raised in a family that was privileged in the middle of a suburb of Philadelphia. His family did not know what to make of him as he was born like a firefly catching sunbeams.  He is bi-polar from the inception of his life and was diagnosed when he was nearly 50 years old.
Most of his life was a struggle for survival.  He did not do well in conventional settings and he labored and lived in places on the peripheral of the social milieu.  He was a farmer, a teacher, bilingual in Spanish instructor and trainer.
He is a resident of Capitol Hill in Denver where he has been without a safe place to live and rest for decades. 
He has no regrets.  Both his education and experience have tempered him to realize that how difficult the journey life is a gift to cherish.  He serves as a public speaker and work with countless children and university students on realizing that we have a responsibility to live as simply as we are able and forgive our trespasses and those who trespass against us.  We are also called to be full of compassion for all life and to believe that we are connected from the inception of life in all ways for good

Mary A. Putman is the creator of She is the Executive Director of The Reciprocity Collective, working to develop and bridge strategic partnerships between the business and nonprofit sectors to find community solutions to end homelessness and poverty.