Poetry and History Out Loud

“If you asked me what I came into this world to do, I will tell you:  I came to live OUT LOUD”  Emile Zola

In spite of the near total silence that has been this blog since it’s inception, the purpose of addyourlight.com is to give voice to those who often feel mute. Poverty and Homelessness can have the effect.   That state of silence may be founded in a sense of that your voice is meaningless or less than, lost in the cacophony of our society of those who may not see you.   You as a person of light, beauty, life, love, passion and history.

This is your space to speak your truth.  Safe and supportive and here for you be OUT LOUD.  Your story counts.  Your life and history has value and it needs to be heard.

I started this blog and it is now time to hand it over to other voices.  I may chime in here and there but addyourlight.com is not about me, not about any single one of us.  It is about all of us and what we need to share with each other, learn about each other.

Tiffany Christian will be the editor of addyourlight.com and she has a story to tell and thoughts to share.  This page will be available to the voices who chose to be heard and Tiffany will help guide the conversations.

The Poetry Event announced above is open to all.  We invite you to join us to express and listen to spoken truth about homelessness and what have a home means to us all.  It is a free event…invite and details: