It is purely coincidental…

…that I put forth my first post the day before election day.  For almost a year I have been planning to start this blog “Add Your Light” and on this day as I type these words, we stand at the end of a political campaign where it seems civil discourse, learned debate, mutual respect and compassion have gone dark.  My hope is that these words, the opportunity that this blog provides, will glimmer a bit in that night.

“Add your light to the sum of light” are words written by Leo Tolstoy over a century ago when he wrote prolifically about poverty and injustice in early 20th century Russia.  The words are in answer to the question of any time, of ALL time, “what then shall we do?”

What Then Shall We Do?

Most of the time, it seems to all of us that there is very little we can do about anything beyond the narrow experience of our daily lives.  Past that view, the complications and foibles of our world seem insurmountable, unfixable so we relegate those issues to the shadowy periphery of what we see.   We as a community have all but given up in trying to solve the challenges we have relegated to the shadows.  I feel that Homelessness and Poverty are the most acute of these challenges and I fear too many of us turn a blind eye to them is in spite of the fact that they are a part of our community.  We seem to have decided that the “Social Safety Net” determined to help those in need means the government and non profits and therefor, only those entities that need to be involved in the solutions that poverty and homelessness beg for.    I put forth that Social Safety Net is defined as community, defined as all of us, defined as doing what one can to add your light.

My hope is that this blog will invite voices and listeners from the community to inform, to question and to speak truth and to learn to bring light and compassion to those among us who have Less Than.  That Less Than speaks of  material things, of opportunities, of safety and of justice.  Less Than does not speak of humanity.  We share humanity and we all are capable of adding our attention and energy, adding our More to Less Than.

I invite any in our community who read this to bring civil discourse, learned debate, mutual respect and compassion to light, to join me.  Come on…Add it!