Add Your Light... the sum of light. A quote attributed to Leo Tolstoy who wrote prolifically about poverty in 19th century Russia. It is the response to the age old question of poverty; "What then shall we do?"
Add your light to the sum of light.
Homelessness and poverty are vast and complex societal issues that do not have simplistic solutions. To address these injustices to human safety and dignity, it takes all members of society to see what is in front of them and do their part. Yes, to add your light. Part of that process is also to listen to the voices that have experienced those injustices. The conversations that we need to have start there with an understanding of what those experiences are and what that means to individuals , families and to who we are as a society.
This is a collaborative blog bringing together the different voices of our community. The commonality is to add your light; share lived experiences of poverty and homelessness, to listen and to put forth ideas and actions of the work we all need to engage in towards Social Justice.
Join us.



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The Applied Brain Science Research Institute (ABSRI) recently published an article about the benefits to your own health and happiness by being kind and compassionate to others.  …

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